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New Release! - Terminus Shift
Terminus Shift takes agent Sethran Kada on a dangerous quest to retrieve a mysterious team of navigators caught up in a clash between rival rebel factions.
Their special talents soon have others also set on capturing them for themselves.
Terminus Shift cover

The Targon Tales, a space opera
Sky Hunter Cover
Sky Hunter - 1
Nova Whiteside stumbles across a treacherous and illict scheme while on assignment to guard a tethered orbiter above a remote planet.

The Catalyst cover
The Catalyst - 2
Lieutenant Nova Whiteside is the target of an assassination attempt. Her escape leaves her with no option but to rely on Seth, a former lover and now rebel enemy, for help.

Only Human cover
Only Human - 3
Captain Nova Whiteside is teamed up with Tychon, a straight-laced Vanguard commander on a mission to recover a dangerous, living weapon in rebel hands.

Rebel Alliances cover
Rebel Alliances - 4
Nova Whiteside is once again neck-deep in trouble. The race is on to keep a dangerous bit of technology out of rebel hands. Good thing she's not alone!
Or is it?

Delphi Promised cover
Delphi Promised - 5
An unknown alien arrives with a mysterious message, leading a team of researchers on a perilous journey into an unexplored sector of their galaxy.

Quantum Tangle cover
Quantum Tangle - Sethran 1
A deep cover agent working for the Commonwealth takes a leap through subspace and gets himself tangled up in an alien invasion of a very strange kind, indeed.

Other Titles
Flight To Exile cover
Flight To Exile
This darker fantasy explores abuse of power as two agents travel to a nearby, primitive moon to retrieve a genetically superior being who may hold the balance of power in a future war.